Host a Jamestown Jammers Baseball Player

Love Jamestown Jammers Baseball as much as we do? Why not host one of our players!


The team is looking for host families to potentially house players during the season. Host families have the chance to experience the day to day trials and tribulations of that player following his dream of playing summer ball, an opportunity few people get to experience. You, as a host family, will be a big part of their success in Jamestown and in their career as a baseball player. The better the “home” environment, the better the player’s performance. Players may be assigned housing as early as the first week of May, pending the length of the postseason, players may be in homes as late as mid-August.

The Perks:

Many benefits come from housing a player, whether it’s the opportunity to impact a young man’s future or allowing that same young man be a positive role model to your children or possibly getting to know a future Major League Baseball star, your involvement in this program is vital to our team’s and the community’s success! As a “Thank You!” for housing these players over the course of the season you will be qualified to receive the following:

  • Season tickets for each member of their immediate family living in household
  • 25% discount on all team merchandise
  • Host family picnic
  • On-field recognition
Families interested in the program should contact:

Gaylene Lindell, Host Family Coordinator

Anthony Barone, Jammers Field Manager